LIFE UPDATE: Perth part 2.

Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your path straight.”

Hey there everyone! I’m back again with yet another life update, less than a week later.

I know right, how much can have changed in the last 3 days? Trust me, it’s enough of a change to read on…

Basically, I’m writing this post to retract the last one, I’m no longer moving to Perth.

This is such a hard post to write because I’m completely letting go of any pride right now. I was so sure that Perth was where God wanted me, but in reality, it was me who was making the calls. I thought I’d heard God, and I asked Him for something very specific if he didn’t want me to go, and it didn’t happen…

Until it did, just days after posting and telling everyone I was moving. And looking back, as much as I believed everything was lining up, it wasn’t. At this point I will simply be deferring my course, as it will changing next year anyway (so it won’t be called a Bachelor of Arts (Web Communication & Public Relations) anymore, it’ll be a Bachelor of Communication (Strategic Communications), but will be the same content), and I will make a decision later in the year, as to whether I go over with my family in the new year.

It so crazy how God can use experiences like this to help us grow. It’s easy for me to wish that God had shown me quicker, before I announced that I was leaving, but I know that this humbling experience, is only going to make me a stronger person.

Honestly, when God showed me that Perth isn’t where He wants me at this time, I wanted to ignore it and my initial thought was ‘why now? God you’re too late, I’ve already told everyone.’ I then thought about it and realised how much I was rushing the process, I had no work over there, and was nowhere near ready to fly out on Friday (although I’m 100% sure if Perth was where I was meant to be it would’ve come together, and I really wasn’t worried).

I spoke with my mum on the phone about possibly staying and her words hit me hard, “I think that it’s a stupid idea.” I mean that’s what I heard at first, but when I asked her to repeat what she had just said, I realised she had actually said, “I think that it’s a good idea.” (@mum please stop mumbling into the phone, it’s confusing). And I already knew my dad wanted me to stay, but had convinced myself he was biased because I can help him around the house.

So even though I had wanted to ignore God, He knew just how to convince me He was right (I know, I know, I should have figured that from the beginning, I’m just stubborn). He knows what I need and where He wants me is always going to be better than anything I plan.

So unlucky for you, East Coast, you get me for a little longer! And WA, I’ll see you soon (for a holiday anyway)!



5 thoughts on “LIFE UPDATE: Perth part 2.

  1. I’ve learned that as you trust the still small voice HE won’t let you Down. There is no pride in retracting what you thought you heard as the enemy wants you on the wrong set of tracks! Just last week Friday I sensed I would be going to a town my folks live in on Sunday same week , but my schedule said otherwise, that Sunday after receiving a call my sister in law took a turn for the worse , guess where I ended up on Sunday ? Then I heard the 17th and 3:00 pm…. the date and time of heaven bound…. see if you put your agendas aside and listen to the still small voice of the I AM, He will not lead us astray. You Are hearing Jess, follow it to where He leads and wants you.

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    1. Thank you so much, it’s amazing how sure we can be and all it takes is one moment for God to show us HIS plan. Praying for you and your family, so sorry to hear about your sister in law.


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